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Top 5 Best Rustic Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas

Are you too busy to upcycle a rustic farmhouse decor item yourself? We got you covered with some beautifully upcycled decor pieces. Keep reading for more!

Home decor is one of the most satisfying things. It gives you a sense of productiveness and makes your living space a work of art form.

Rustic decor is a theme that adds vintage accents to your house. And at the same time, upcycled things allow you to contribute towards a sustainable lifestyle!

We have a list of best-selling rustic farmhouse decor pieces that can fit right in with the theme you are dreaming about!

Just in case you are busy making it down all the way through, here’s a quick list of our choices! It is a combination that lights up your entire house and all the rooms!

Our best choice: World Wooden Wall Map 

Cheapest: Rustic farmhouse wall vases

Minimalistic: The Sparrow – Rustic Frames

1- Industrial Modern Contemporary Rustic Farmhouse Shelf Organizer

This Modern and contemporary farmhouse shelf is perfect wall decor if you are looking for a modern touch in your vintage themed decor.

It is a wooden organizer that allows you to utilize your decor. The one organizer has a long towel rack measuring ½”. It has two additional shelves as well.

With over 10+ different stain-colours of wooden look, this shelf was made specifically for the bathroom! But after the versatile responses, it can be used in the kitchen as well!

It has a generous space for any use, and you can innovate it to use anywhere you want.


Seller labelSteel Oak
Product DimensionsSteel OakHeight – 11”, Width – 25”, Depth – 5.5”
Is it handmade?Yes
Additional shelf Dimensions4+½’’ deep X 12″ long.
Is customization possible?It depends on the seller.

2- Rustic farmhouse wall vases

This is the rustic wall vase. It adds in a retro feel with a dash of greenery.

It has a triangular base mounted to a wooden pallet. And has a decorative copper hanger.

It comes in a pack of 2 triangular based glass vases. But you can select with different combinations of 3-4 vases altogether.

It can be mounted to the wall anywhere, either in the living room or bedroom. Add in an accent of greenery and flowers with the glass vases.

You can also go for 3 more colors of glass vases, the color option is available, but a transparent one adds in a different look for vases. 


Seller labelFind your countryside
Product DimensionsWidth – 3+½” to 4” X Length – 12″ X Depth- 3+½”.
Is it handmade?Yes
Additional itemsGreenery option available.
Is customization possible?Yes, you can choose the colors.

3- Rustic Lantern pair wall decor

This is a pair of hanging lanterns mounted to a wood board. It comes stained in a dark color.

The lanterns have a hollow cut out for candles, which gives out a luminous rustic feel in the house.

The wood board is sturdy and has iron hooks to hang the lanterns on.

The antique lanterns have an accent of a stand-out yet straightforward, rustic vintage upcycled feel. And it is a handmade product that makes this decor even more authentic to go with the rustic theme.

It can be hanged in either the living room or outdoor wall decors. As on your dining deck or study top!

It fits right in and does not overpower the rest of the room.


Seller labelAshley Amor Decor
Product DimensionsWidth – 6” X Length – 14″
Is it handmade?Yes
Additional items

wrought iron hooks

Is customization possible?No

4- The Sparrow – Rustic Frames

Frames are a fool-proof way to go for any decor. They set the tone in the room, make a minimalist statement, and easily style them!

In a rustic farmhouse theme, frames are usually upcycled, and the rustic sparrow frames are a set of 10 different structures that is handmade to perfection.

It can be made in order. The hand-selected material is all upcycled and contributes to a sustainable lifestyle.

Living in a city makes it hard to upcycle a piece of wood if you lead a busy lifestyle. These frames are simple yet a style statement for your vintage-themed wall decor.


Seller label

Birdie GoGo

Product Dimensionsstarts from 4×6” and goes up to 11×14.”
Is it handmade?Yes
Additional items

comes with the hardware needed for mounting.

Is customization possible?Yes, have a chat with the seller.

5- World Wooden Wall Map

This is a wooden wall map. It is perfect for a traveler’s gift or a travelers room. Made out of natural wood, it is made for natural rustic accents on the wall.

It comes with push pins of flags and planes or compasses, and you can mark up the places you’ve been to. Or order it for your future dream-destinations!

It is a perfect wall drop for a travellers spirit. 

It is available in different sizes from “M” to “XXL.” It is a great wall decor preferably for a living room but can be used in a travel-themed room or hung in a bed-room as well.

Or can be hung up on the top of study or your work/editing area! It sets a travel vibe.

It is like your “travel-diary on the wall,” according to the seller!

The wooden wall piece is an outline of the world map without much engravings, and the order note is open for your suggestions for your purchase!


Seller label

Enjoy the wood

Product Dimensions

M – 39 x 24 inches

L – 59 x 35 inches

XL – 79 x 47 inches

XXL – 118 x 69 inches

Is it handmade?Yes
Additional items

comes with the pushpin options to buy!

Is customization possible?Yes, have a chat with the seller.

These were the best wall decor items that will add some beautiful rustic accents to your rooms. No matter which room you choose, you can find at least one decor piece that will fit your purpose and choice.

All the sellers are genuine, and reviews are excellent as well!

Be it a travel theme or an antique accent for your rustic themed house! And it will change up your ambiance in a few seconds! 

Now, if you are new to buying upcycled rustic decor themes, you may have some doubts and questions in your mind! And a refreshing look that comes with vintage accents is worth it!

To help you a bit more, here are some FAQs about rustic farmhouse wall decor items.

Yes. as long as you are buying it from a trusted seller!

Yes. You can opt for specific cleaners available in the market or simply dust it regularly!

Yes. Upcycled wall decor pieces are readily available and designed for contemporary and modern looks!

Yes. Hanging wall art like frames is one of the classic styles of home decor! And in vintage/rustic theme, it marks a beautiful yet simple look. 

Yes. It depends on the versatility of the decorative piece you choose. But it will be easier if your whole house has the same theme.

All this applies to wherever you choose to hang your wall decor pieces as long as you look for a vintage themed makeover!

Buying an upcycled wall decor saves time and ensures a level of perfectionism in the finished item!

Hence check out the products mentioned and let us know how you innovatively styled them in your house!

It is fascinating how small decor changes the entire vibe of houses! You can also give all these products to your near and dear ones during this holiday season.

We hope you liked reading this article. I hope you have a great styling session this holiday.

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