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Top 5 Best Rustic Farmhouse Chandeliers [ 2021 ]

Chandeliers are one of the most classy decor items. Adding a chandelier not only lights up your room but makes it appear serene and calm without too much stimulation.

But if not chosen correctly, it can look tacky and destroy the whole theme of the house!

And mainly if you are looking for a rustic farmhouse themed chandelier it becomes overwhelming. Not to find one but to pick out a specific one as a centerpiece in the farmhouse theme house!

This is why we have a list of the five most amazing chandeliers listed on the market.

For the best part, make sure you read it down till the end. But if you are too busy this holiday season, here is a quick list of the best products.

Take a look!

Our best choice: Handmade Barnwood Oak chandelier

Cheapest:  Rustic Kitchen Island Ceiling Light

Minimalistic: Rustic five lights fixture

1-The David Chandelier

This is one of a kind Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier. It rests below with the support of a pulley. This makes it a decor piece that is true to the theme of rustic farmhouse home furniture.

And the lights restart the end of the rope, as you can see in the pictures. It makes the chandelier a perfect choice for the kitchen/dining area. Or you can hang it right up your bar space!

You can go for the original antique pulley in the chandelier, or you can choose the replica. Depending on how much you like to invest in this reclaimed rustic piece of the chandelier.

Not only that, this comes with the option of varied lights. So, you can go for the medium size or the large size.

The light bulbs have an antique cage set, which forms protection and adds to the end product’s signature antique theme.


Seller labelRustic Design Company
Product Dimensions 
Length25″, 40″, or 60″
Height Customizable based on your ceiling height
Weight Approximately 25-35 lbs.
Is it handmade?Yes
Additional itemsNone
Is customization possible?

Yes, you can choose the size based on your ceiling height, select the stain of wood, and you can have a chat with the seller about the same.

2-Handmade Barnwood Oak chandelier

Barnwood has the best accents for rustic farmhouse theme decor. This Barnwood oak chandelier is made from upcycled from oak wood.

Extremely durable for hangers, this chandelier comes with five Edison bulbs. The oak wood looks serene, and you can see the details of craftsmanship on your chandelier.

And these accents bring out the real retro/vintage feel in the house.

The design is extraordinarily minimalistic but surely grabs attention wherever you hang it.


Seller labelRe Carf
Product DimensionsHeight 4” X Width: 64” X Depth: 4”
Is it handmade?Yes
Additional itemsNone explicitly mentioned.
Is customization possible?None mentioned specifically.

3-Decorative Chain hand-forged and Mason Jar Chandelier

If you are a fan of hanging lights/chandeliers, this is a great option. Carved with hands put out of metal rods, these chains add an antique accent to your ceiling.

These are incredibly customizable according to the measurements you wish for. Just go ahead and have a chat with the seller.


Seller labelMorning Fire Forge
Product Dimensions It is sold according to a foot length of measurement.
Is it handmade?Yes
Additional itemsNone explicitly mentioned.
Is customization possible?

Yes, you can order and have a chat with the seller about the same.

We advise you to pair it up with the mason jar chandelier set. This not only gives a unique rustic feel, but it will also be one of a kind in your room.

The Mason Jar Chandelier comes in varied options for jar lids colors. The jars have different colors. The bulbs are durable as well.


Seller labelBoots n Gus
Is it handmade?Yes
Additional itemsNone explicitly mentioned
Is customization possible?None mentioned specifically.

 4-Rustic Kitchen Island Ceiling Light

These proper industrially rustic-looking light fixtures! Being the farmhouse nature, it imparts outstanding rustic farmhouse aesthetics. 

This ceiling light is made-to-order. Hence each one is handmade and one of a kind. It comes with the installation hardware option.

Nonetheless, the bulb options are customizable! You can choose to have more or less than six bulbs in the chandelier.

Simply hang this above your dining table, or it is the perfect option for a cafe top, bar-top, your kitchen, or a restaurant lounge area!

If you have a rustic farmhouse theme, this fits anywhere you like..


Seller labelFramsteads Ironworks
Product DimensionsOptional from 3” to 38” drop length
Is it handmade?Yes
Additional itemsNone explicitly mentioned
Is customization possible?Possible with additional charges


5-Rustic five lights fixture

A super minimalistic choice. The rustic five-light fixture is a wildlife-themed hanging chandelier.

It gives a beautiful connection with nature.

Simply, it is made out of wood to suit the theme. Buy it and hang it, no fuss, no mess.

It had a beautiful warm aesthetic. Some themes are customizable if you have a chat with the seller about the same.

The framework is made from burnt wood, which adds to the rustic farmhouse chandelier theme. Other than that, the dimensions are pretty minimalist. 

You can hang this in your living area, and it makes a statement yet allows you to experiment with the decor in your room.

This won’t occupy space or look like a big centerpiece in the room. But sure does make the room feel cozy and comfortable because of the wildlife theme.


Seller labelBlack Sea Lighting
Product DimensionsHeight 9” X Width: 38” X Depth: 8”
Is it handmade?Yes
Additional itemsNone explicitly mentioned
Is customization possible?Themes can be customized, and you can have a chat with the seller.


And there you have it, five most unique and minimalist rustic farmhouse chandeliers for your house. 

You can mix and match, customize or simply take inspiration to design your farmhouse chandeliers this holiday season!

Are you new to the home decor section? Specifically, rustic farmhouse themed chandeliers? No worries, we got you covered!

Here are answers to some FAQs that may be helpful for you.

No, if you have the theme and find a piece that works, they look stunning.

Yes, check out our list for the same. Some sellers sell handmade chandeliers and sell them online. Just for YOU.

Yes, earthy tones and wrought fixtures some of the characteristics of the rustic farmhouse theme.

Yes. If you have a country-themed restaurant, go for it.

  • See the theme your house follows, try to coordinate the lightning with the same.
  • Start with a minimalistic one, and move upward according to your house theme and rustic furniture.

And this marks the end of this article. In conclusion, you have numerous options to choose from. A rustic chandelier makes your room glam. 

The centerpiece has made a statement! Hence choose wisely, maintain it, and go for the one that you like the best.

If you are a rustic furniture fanatic, please leave a comment with your home decor suggestions! It helps everyone, and we love it.

Don’t forget to leave down a comment if you select one of these chandeliers from our list!



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