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Top 5 Best Minimalist Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Are you eyeing out for a rustic farmhouse bathroom vanity?

We have just the right list curated for you. And some fantastic suggestions about your theme.

Take a look.

Bathrooms are frequently neglected and left behind spaces while deciding on home decor. But if you are passionate about your sanity space and like to keep it well-organized, keep reading. Find the best rustic farmhouse vanity ideas and vanity products.

With the beautiful vintage accent, we also have modern/contemporary and trendy vanities. It will make your bathroom space calmer and stunning with each passing day!

Buying rustic furniture is backed up with a straightforward reason; you may not have the time to upcycle furniture from reclaimed wood. For the same reasons, here is a quick overview of our product list.

(But for the best part, make sure you scroll down to the end and find some fantastic hidden items and innovative vanity ideas.)

Here’s a quick summary for you:

Best choice: 3/4 Barrel Vanity

Cheapest: Hanging wall sconce oil lantern

Minimalistic: Barn Medicine cabinet with mirror

1- Barn Medicine cabinet with mirror

Making it to the top of our list, the Barn Medicine cabinet is the best choice for storage options!

It has a mirror on the front side, so it is a perfect option to mount it right above your sink space!

It is an authentic, upcycled cabinet. The wood has rustic farmhouse accents. And the information mentioned says it is reclaimed from the Barnwood straight out of 1892 southern Minnesota barn wood.

This speaks with the rustic/vintage theme in your bathroom. The versatility is fantastic. 

The storage option allows you to utilize the space behind the mirror.

The cabinet’s hardware has options; you can go for a brass one for an antique look!


Seller labelSomethinghandemandemn
Product DimensionsSize varies according to the option you choose.
Is it handmade?Yes
Additional itemsNone
Is customization possible?

Yes, you can choose the size and have a chat with the seller about the same.

2-3/4 Barrel Vanity

This is a barrel with a sink on top of it. This makes up for a perfect Barnwood themed rustic decor. 

It is about 3/4th the size of a barrel. The amber bands with screws give an authentic rustic/aged wine barrel feel.

It comes with the sink and water faucet attached, so you can fit it according to the bathroom set-up you prefer.

Suppose you have a different color scheme in your bathroom but a rustic theme. Simply choose from the stain colors available. You can easily switch the color of the sink as well.

The wood is pure french oak. It is upcycled to a barrel and sold under the famous “old barn collection” from the seller!

Reviews are exciting, and at this price, this deal is the best you will find in the market!


Seller labelLock Stock and Barrel Shop
Product Dimensions(Approx)
Barrel sizeHeight: 35″, Width: 28”, Depth: 22”
Sink dimensionsDepth 17″ ; Width- 24″
Is it handmade?Yes
Additional itemsIt comes with a sink and a faucet
Is customization possible?Yes, you can choose the stain color and the striped finish as well!

3-Hanging wall sconce oil lantern

Lanterns are the most vintage/rustic themed objects you can imagine!

You can opt for a pair of wall hanging lanterns to hang on either side of your mirror vanity! A classic home decor!

It has electrically operated functionality with a generously long cord. It is typically designed for indoor usage, fits entirely above your makeup space! You can utilize the light, and it gives a feel to your space as well!

You can also fit it in your vanity/beauty spot. You can utilize the light, and it gives a feel to your space as well!

If you know about lanterns, It gets hard to maintain a candle based lantern. Hence electric-based lanterns are great. 

Look wise, and also utility wise! 


Seller labelMuskoka Lifestyle
Product DimensionsWeight – 3lbs; Size – 17”
Is it handmade?Yes
Additional itemsIt comes with an option for a bulb candle
Is customization possible?

None mentioned specifically.

4-Vanity marble sink

If you are into the rustic farmhouse theme, you may be a fan of stone-based sinks too!

This sink is carved out of an authentic Travertine stone. The stone is natural; hence distinct characteristics are visible. It is incredibly durable, and the accents are wise beautiful!

Which means each piece has its authenticity. The texture, natural shape, and the look of it as well. Cleaning it is super simple.

You can only buy the sink; nothing else is included. The hand-carved surface is smooth and is easy to set up in your bathroom.


Seller labelHello Sinks
Product Dimensions17″ X 13.5″ X 4.75″
Is it handmade?Yes, it is hand-carved
Additional itemsNONE
Is customization possible?

None mentioned specifically. But each sink is hand carved and unique.

5-Gray Oval Concrete Bathroom Vessel Sink

This is a concrete sink, and it is explicitly built made for bathrooms.

It has a beautiful smooth surface. Curved edges add up to the oval shape. And this way, it does not look ordinary, but it is very minimalistic in appearance.

Concrete sinks are incredibly durable. If maintained well, they last a lifetime for you. Nonetheless, these sinks are handmade and are only made to order.

It has five different color variants. You can easily pair it up with a rustic faucet and a simple vintage/rustic farmhouse vanity cabinet below it.


Seller labelEco Designer Concrete
Product Dimensions23″x15″x5″
Is it handmade?Yes
Additional itemsNONE
Is customization possible?

Yes, you can choose a color variant that speaks the most to your house/bathroom set-up.

And here we are, done with the list. All these items are unique. Each seller puts their heart into what they design. And all this just for you so that your house has furniture according to its rustic theme!

Now, if you are new to planning and setting up a rustic farmhouse furniture theme, here are answers to some Rustic farmhouse bathroom vanity FAQs.

This will give you an idea about everything rustic farmhouse bathroom vanity.

Ideally, Yes. But if you have separate vanities in each room, you can set up one in the bathroom and the rest in your beauty room and other rooms.

A handmade piece is always rare. But a lot of sellers make it in order and provide you with a unique report.

Yes. Rustic furniture is made out of reclaimed wood.

Yes. Check out our list and keep an eye on the latest updates from us. We have some fantastic ideas for rustic farmhouse furniture.

Yes. Often this is for you to decide and choose a vanity that has maximum utility according to your use.

There you have it!! List and some easy answers to FAQs. Now for the best part, our personal favorites in the rustic farmhouse bathroom furniture are sinks!

It just allows you to experiment, check out different vibes, and let your bathroom space feel connected to nature!

Nevertheless, mirrors pair up great with bathroom spaces. And these are the accents that are highlighted in our article. I hope it helped you choose better! And do let us know in the comment section below if you have some ideas.

Make sure to leave feedback after you made the purchase! This way, it encourages our readers to follow you towards sustainability and the rustic farmhouse theme’s beauty.

Check out our article on wall decor ideas! Maybe you’re thinking of amping up your wall this holiday season!

Thank you for reading, do come back for more ideas!



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