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Top 10 Best Desktop Shelves in 2021 [ Expert Review ]

Whether you are working at an office or home, you will need the best desktop shelves for keeping your files, documents, alarm clock, and other items organized. In this article on Top 10 Best Desktop Shelves, we will help you guide to buy the best desktop shelve.

As more and more people have started work from home and like office, there is a need to keep stuff organized at home too. The desktop shelve needs to hold a lot of things and hence there is not to get a functional space.

There are people who are working with limited space, so they wonder how to fit all their stuff in a small space. So, there is a need to put a hand in the pocket and buy a desktop shelve. But as the market is full of several bookshelves, so it gets harder for a newbie to select one for his work.

We have done thorough research and arranged the top 10 best desktop shelves for you. After reading about each desk, you will be able to choose one among them very easily.

All these shelves are arranged based on your requirements. They can either have a large or small footprint. Some shelves can even hold a laptop, a PC with a monitor, or a printer.

In this article, you will find 10 best desktop shelves to help you stay organized and make it easy for you to choose the most of the limited desk space for you. Let’s start:

Best Desktop Shelves in 2020


1- Safco Onyx Mesh Desktop Organizer: Top Pick



Onyx Mesh Desktop Organizer transforms desktop clutter into an organized, more productive workspace. It is designed from durable powder-coated steel, which is stronger, thicker, and commercial-grade. This is our top pick on the list of top 10 best desktops shelves.



Sorter slots: Safco Onyx Mesh Desktop Organizer has six sorter slots that make easy access to your files, tablet, or books in a short time. The slots are 2 inches wide each.

Stacked Trays: Below the six sorter slots, there are two stacked trays for keeping essential large size documents and your folded laptop after working. The height of the trays is also 2 inches each.

Sturdy Construction: The Safco Onyx Mesh Desktop Organizer has a sturdy steel mesh construction with solid steel panel on the base. The Sorter Shelf in this desktop shelve is for extra support and standing stability.

Durable and protective: It has a Chip-Resistant powder-coated finish, which offers long-lasting durability to this organizer. It also includes optional adhesive base cushions that help to protect the edges or surfaces of your valuable items.



Product Weight 7 pounds
Product Model 3255BL
Product Color Black
Product Dimensions 11.5 x 13.2 x 13 inches


  • Sturdy Construction
  • Very Stable design
  • Highly Durable
  • Some user complaint big size


[alert-success]RecommendationsThe Safco Onyx Mesh Desktop Organizer is highly recommended for Homes, Offices, and Warehouses. In terms of items, it is recommended for file folders and smaller binders. It can adjust notebooks, computer tablets, and even some school textbooks.[/alert-success]


2- Jerry and Maggie Desktop Bookshelves: Runner Up


Jerry and Maggie’s adjustable storage rack is great for storage, organizing, and cleaning up your desktop and workstation. It is constructed with natural wood that offers security and makes it durable. Jerry and Maggie Desktop Shelve is the runner up the product on our list of best desktop shelves.


Two main parts with more space: It has two main parts with an admirable decoration at home and office. It will fulfill your requirements to accommodate your files, books, and much more.
Plus, you will find more space for your office desktop. Then, you can organize books, office supplies, and other kinds of stuff.

Adjustable storage rack:   Similarly, the storage rack is simple to install and alter the direction. You will require to move the parts and organize them in that way, which is according to your requirements.
Moreover, it is equipped with two separate pieces that can be arranged close together to create a small shelf rack, arranged further apart to create a more extended shelf.

Sturdy Construction and Lightweight:The Jerry and Maggie Desktop Bookshelves have a sturdy wood mesh construction with excellent craftsmanship process. It is the perfect one with its flat surface and sturdy construction.
Plus, it is a Lightweight Desktop Bookshelves of 6 pounds, which is easy to transport and carry.

Durable and protective:It is made of purely natural wood, which makes it durable and protective. With its non-toxic abilities and green, a healthy lifestyle makes it more protective and reliable for use.


Product Weight 6.2 pounds
Product Color Black
Product Dimensions 16×15.8×6.8 inches
Material Type Wood


  • Each piece is clearly labelled
  • Can be easily assemble
  • Pretty compact one
  • No screw covers


3-Royal Craft Wood Natural Bamboo Desk Organizer: Spacious Pick


Royal Craft is introducing quality and elegance with the Craft Wood Expandable Natural Bamboo Desk Organizer. It is fully adjustable and has a spacious surface area for keeping all your essential stuff.

It is the best storage organizer for your books, files, and various items in the elegant two-piece design over the desk shelf.


Lightweight and Compact: Royal Craft Wood Organizer is lightweight and weighs 5.7 pounds only. It is highly compact and sturdy enough.

Multiple shelves: Royal Craft De-clutter your drawers. With a Space-Saving shelf-rack, it keeps your books, plant pots, or makeup ingredients in excellent order. It helps to save space on your office desktop and prevent a mess in the office, kitchen, or bedroom.

Sturdy Construction: Royal Craft is made of 100% Organic Bamboo wood, highly sourced and eco-friendly with the top polished surfaces. Its rounded corners make the perfect combination of quality and comfort.

Durable and protective: Royal Craft can be picked up as an all-natural desk organizer and rack for contribution to protecting the environment. It is made for lifetime use and is durable enough to withstand regular wear and tear.

Adjustable and Extendable: It is adjustable to your needs and is extendable to store whatever needs storage. The natural bamboo will add an unusual, stylish touch to your home or workplace rooms effectively as it has grown with full regard to the environment.


Product Weight 6.2 pounds
Product Color Bamboo and Black
Product Dimensions 26 x 18 x 6   inches


  • Maximum dimensions
  • Very simple to put together
  • Money-back guarantee
  • The desk shelf does not come in white.


4-DecoBros Desk Supplies Organizer Caddy: Students Special


The DecoBros Desk Supplies Organizer Caddy is available in two colours, black or silver. It enables you to choose your organizer that matches your desk colour.

With DecoBros Desk Supplies Organizer, you can organize Pen, notes, notebooks, and much more. This organizer is specially built for students.


Design and size: The design of the DecoBros Desk Supplies Organizer comprises two deeper compartments, which are perfect for staple pins and other smaller things. It has 2.5 x 3 inches size along with a pull-out drawer for keeping notes.

Divided compartments: DecoBros Desk Supplies Organizer is large and has enough space for your highlighters, pencils, pens, etc. of college. Five divided compartments organize all your homework, helping materials like pencil, rubber sharpener etc.

The middle compartment has enough space to fit four-packs, which holds books, notes, and notebooks.

Additional compartments: This organizer has two additional shallow compartments to hold stapler pins or other small stocks. The rubber grips at the bottom prevent it from sliding down into your feet. These shallow compartments keep many more items safe, and you can take them anytime without any hassle.

Sturdy Construction: From the metal mesh construction, it organizes anything more substantial than pens and pencils. It is aesthetically satisfying, engineered with an excellent art process.

Safe and Protective Corners: The corners of DecoBros holders are much more significant and have a sheet-metal floor that is safe for pencil tips. Also, the edges are much large to use as a mouse holder and for larger items such as staplers, eyeglasses etc.



Product Weight 13.6 ounces
Product Model RO-001-1
Product Color Black or silver
Product Dimensions 9.60 x 4.70 x 4.3 inches


  • High capacity
  • Bottom rubber grip
  • Sturdy mesh
  • Multi compartments
  • For some user high-priced


5-SONGMICS Bamboo 2-Tier Monitor Stand Organizer: High Storage


This SONGMICS Bamboo Monitor Stand organizer is excellent to improve the way you work, study and do the business plan. It is durable enough to assist you for a long time and is made of high-quality bamboo board.

The large top surface could adequately accommodate your appliances. The lower shelf of this organizer is for keyboard, mouse, books, and paper storage.

Some several slots and compartments organize your cellphone, pens, sticky notes, USB disks, paper clips etc. conveniently.



Light-weighted and Attractive: The SONGMICS Bamboo 2-Tier Monitor Stand Riser is light weighted. It is durable with regular bamboo wood, which has an attractive design.

Adjustable Compartments: Compartments are present on each side, which are adjustable with six slots and three separating boards to keep your various storage demands of office stocks.

Slots for secure storage: Keep your keyboard, cooling fan, books and folders on the lower shelf, hold your essentials in the ease with the square notch and two cellphone grooves.

Cubbies with dividers: The cubbies, along with each side feature slide-out, dividers allow you to expand or contract them to hold whatever you need to keep. Your keyboard will disappear discreetly under the riser to open up desktop real estate.

Desk Tray: Under the top shelf, the desk tray is for important papers or even for your laptop to keep protected.



Product Weight 9.4 pounds (4.26kg)
Product Model ULLD213
Product Color Natural
Product Dimensions 24.6 x 11 x 6.3 inches


  • Removable Cubby dividers
  • Slots for your smartphone and pens
  • Weight capacity of up to 80 pounds
  • Clean up quickly with a dry cloth
  • The dividers make some noises.


6-MyGift Adjustable Wood Desktop Storage Organizer: Kitchen Pick


MyGift is an excellent way to be organized for those who prefer a somewhat more modern home decor fashion. It is a highly adjustable, rustic desktop storage shelf offered by MyGift. Moreover, it is the best desktop shelf for the kitchen.

To put all excess grooming products close to your hand, this organizer makes for a great place and make it suitable for the kitchen.



Compact and versatile: MyGift Adjustable Wood Desktop Storage Organizer is compact and versatile, perfect for computing organization and natural ability to small spaces.

Two-Piece Ultra Style shelf: MyGift is an ultra-stylish modern shelf, which is composed of two pieces, one placed on top of the other that can be enough flapped to make a shelf of wideness about 16 inches.

Organize and conserve desk space: MyGift can significantly save space and organizes your desk to help you focus on more important tasks. The natural wood surface gives the shelf a sleek and contemporary look.

Modify to meet your desk space: As MyGift is an adjustable shelf, it fits into a variety of positions and outlooks. It is a perfect option for those who are looking for both functionality and decoration.



Product Weight 2.6 pounds
Product Model SYNCHKG106769
Product Color Brown
Product Dimensions 16 x15.8 x 6.8 inches


  • Separate movable pieces
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wood has a very smooth finish.
  • Small and lightweight
  • Limited colours available


7-PAG Desktop Bookshelf Wood Desk Organizer: Plus Decoration Pick


The PAG Wood Desktop Bookshelf can accommodate a range of different objects. Those who are looking for placing books and documents with decorative items, like plants, etc., then it is the perfect desk for them. It has five individual shelves and available in either white or black.


High-Quality Shelf: The Melamine board, 100% recyclable, is the main component of this desktop bookshelf. This board has features like edge sealing process, wear-resistant, durable, and formaldehyde-free and environment favourable.

Space-saving Design: PAG Desktop Bookshelf is perfect for a writing desk, table or countertop due to its small size. Keep your desktop clear by making full use of the vertical space.

Craftsmanship and Ingenuity: This desktop shelve has a Flat surface and sturdy construction. It has great craftsmanship, which makes it perfect for storing books, organizing office supplies, and keeping small potted plants.

Humanization Design: The edges of the left and right boards are beautifully made of curved corner design. It improves the comfort of use and efficiently prevents you from scratching during work.



Product Weight 8.8 pounds
Product Model  PAG
Product Color Black, White, Brown
Product Dimensions 17.1 x 8.1 x 3.9 inches
Material Melamine board/ wood


  • 30 Days Warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • Nice looking shelf with good quality
  • Impressive actual screwdriver
  • For some users, it is a bit salty.


8-Tribesigns Bamboo Desktop Bookshelf: Multi-Drawers Pick


The Tribesigns Bamboo Desktop Bookshelf remains to be a substantial and versatile accessory for your desk space. The stylish design features with several shelves for displaying and storing your books and notes.

There are three drawers for storing other office essentials. The bookshelf is built from natural bamboo, making it an environment-friendly choice for keeping you organized.



Quality Bamboo Material: The Tribesigns Bamboo Desktop Bookshelf is waterproof, anti-mite, and mildew proof due to its alpine bamboo frame. It takes up little desk space but provides a large storage capacity.

Storage drawers with a large capacity: This desktop Shelf is unique in the way that it comes with three storage drawers. The three drawer’s option provides you with more independent spaces for you to keep small objects organized.

Sturdy Construction: Tribesigns Bamboo Desktop shelf is of quality, sturdy and durable. High-quality screws and two bars improve the stability of the desktop organizer. The thickened bottom plates increase the capacity to bear loads.

Easy to assemble: This organizer is easy enough to assemble, along with all the necessary tools. Assembly takes not more than 15 minutes.



Product Weight 7.3 pounds
Product Model  HOGA-SJ001
Product Color Pale yellow
Product Dimensions 20.8 x 11.8 x 7.3   inches
Material Natural Bamboo


  • Able to support the additional weight
  • Very nice looking and sturdy desk organizer.
  • Good size for a large desk
  • The design appears to be Practical
  • The drawers are loosely fitted


9-DormCo Classic Desk Bookshelf: Runner up Decor Pick


The DormCo Cube Desk Bookshelf allows you to keep textbooks with easy access while sitting at your desk. This college and office essential piece has two sized cubes of equal size, and you can stack books and notebooks either horizontally or vertically.

The DormCo Desk Bookshelf is available in two colours, black and white, to add to your dorm room a taste of decoration. This desk necessity increases the decoration of your room with its natural wood colour.



Durable design and Sturdy Construction: The DormCo Classic Desk Bookshelf is an excellent wood product having durable design and sturdy construction.

Storage Capacity and space: The DormCo Desk Bookshelf allows you to stack your textbooks and other dorm essentials on top of your dorm desk. So, you need this desktop space to work very well. It has plenty of surface space for your laptop etc. as well.

Compartments: This desktop shelf comes with five compartments to place your books, files, and various items. It also helps you efficiently keep a neat workspace on your desk.

Assembly: With the help of a screwdriver, assemble the all-black desk bookshelf easily. This shelf also has ample space on your desk for placing other items.



Product Weight 40 pounds
Product Model AX-AY-ABHI-65356
Product Color Black and white
Product Dimensions 37 x 29.5 x 9.5 inches


  • Perfect for college study room.
  • Assembly is straight forward
  • Looks great on a black desk
  • A little bit heavy for some users


10-Vlando VPACK Office Desk Organizer: Multi-compartment Pick


Vlando VPACK Office Desk Organizer is built to be stylish, durable, and safe on any furniture surface. This organizer is crafted in a cost-effective bonded synthetic faux leather with a felt covering and base. It is a perfect partner for students, working professionals and homemakers as it is a cleverly designed all-in-one space-saving desktop.



Crafted item: The Vlando VPACK Office Desk Organizer has a nice lychee pattern that ensures fashion on your desk and is good enough compared to the cheap plastic desk organizers.

Compartments: It has five divided compartments design, which helps to organize all your writing instruments as you desire. You could even use all of the sections separately as independent organizers.

For storing office or home essentials, such as pen, pencil, notes, business card, etc., use DIY compartments.

Holding Capabilities: The reasonable size of different parts gives it holding capabilities and can be used as a pen holder, cardholder, gadget holder etc.

You could get them away and use some of them in particular need, or to make everything in order, use them together on your desk.




Product Weight 1.25   pounds
Product Model BC23866
Product Color Fuchsia Pink (available in four different colours)
Product Dimensions 13.5 x 4.6 x 3.9 inches
Material PU Leather


  • Many compartments available
  • Sturdy and well-made pieces
  • Beautiful colour
  • A nice touch though
  • For some users the quality is bad


Final Words

Well! That’s all about the top 10 best desktop shelves. All these desk shelves are arranged based on the material used, size, and purpose-built. The shelve you opt for will be totally according to your requirements. Whether you are a student or working in the office, you can buy one from the above list.

In our opinion, if you are a student, DecoBros Desk Supplies Organizer could be the best desktop shelve for you. It has more profound and multiple compartments that help you keep all your essential stuff safe, secure, and organized.

Moreover, we would highly recommend Safco Onyx Mesh Desktop Organizer, which is an All-in-One desktop Shelf. Everyone can buy this best desktop shelf according to their needs.

As we have mentioned in the beginning, based on your requirements, you can buy any of them without any hassle.

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