About us

What is Rustic Rediscovered about?

Rustic Re-discovered is a website that selects the best rustic furniture products in the market. Analyses them according to the themes and their purposes and puts them all in one place.

This way, you can find the relevant furniture items easily and quickly!

What is our aim?

We have a keen eye for vintage/retro items on the market. And we strive to promote content that makes life easier and home decor more fun!

What is our purpose?

 Furniture is made out of reclaimed wood, but sometimes city-life doesn’t allow people to find the time and upcycle a piece of wood straight out of the tree! In such cases, buying a furniture piece saves time and ensures quality by an artist himself!

Other than this, we believe in helping out small-business and independent sellers. Who pour their hearts out to hand design and construct the furniture pieces, rustic themed tabletops, and mold their innovation into reclaimed wood!

Promoting sustainability, saving your valuable time, helping out independent artists, helping independent sellers with discovery and more reach. This is our purpose behind writing lists of products!

On an ending note:

We hope our ideologies align, and you come here often whenever you are looking out for rustic  furniture. 

Make sure you share our site and social media handles with your friends and family. Especially those who are vintage fanatics!

Watch out this space for some mind-blowing rustic house decor. Once you see it, we’re sure you will be hooked here!

Thank you for showing interest in our purpose and for giving us a chance to help you! We hope to see you here often.